Facility Maintenance

Venergy performs minor electrical maintainance, minor plumbing maintainance, minor painting, carpentry, masonry work, as well as building maintenace tasks. Some samples would include determining functional systems/malfunctions/making notes of needed repairs, replacement/repair of fixtures, switches, outlets, fluorescent bulb and tubes, ballasts, sockets, fuses, running new lines, trenching and laying new lines, as well as a number of other needed maintainences as need/requested.

VA CFA Medical Center, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

This turnkey contract for the project awarded to Venergy demonstrates the team’s design, engineering, construction and O&M experience relating to the installation of Solar PV systems in tropical island environments and hurricane winds, as well as, on federal VA facilities. The solar system required a 480V net metered interconnection with the interconnection agreement with Hawaii Electric Co.