Water Quality

Our team are the specialists in legionella prevention and control equipment. We are a dynamic team that has brought legionella and other microbial control in aqueous environments into the 21st century.

Mission, Vision, Philosophy

To be the world leader in responsible water treatment minimising the ecological footprint whilst offering total peace-of-mind solutions that will exceed customer expectations and Federal Mandates (VHA Directive 1061).

Our Mission

To holistically create alternative water treatment systems and solutions that help the prevention of Legionella Disease and Scald Injury from Potable Water Distribution Systems.

Our Vision

Above all we respect our Earth and the people that live on it. We always strive for the most ecologically and socially responsible solutions. Our products and services are designed with honesty, ethics and integrity in mind and we believe that we are actively addressing some of the most critical problems our planet is facing today.

Our internal processes, standards and procedures always take a holistic approach when looking at the end-to-end aspect of any given situation.

University of Central Florida - Continuous

Venergy Group was selected by the University of Central Florida to retrofit all of their fluorescent lights with LED, energy saving bulbs. Upon completing the required task with amazing success and days before the deadline, Venergy was rewarded with multi buildings based on UCF budget and timing to do the same. The scope of work has ranged from simple LED retrofit and ballast removal, electrical repairs where needed, as well as fluorescent replacement. Currently Venergy has over 7 UCF building awaiting LED retrofit.