Venergy is envolved in the maintainance of mechnical units, demolition of old/phased out units, and installation of new energy efficient units. Maintainance is a key factor Venergy believes in to keep your mechnical units running at optimum rating and life of your units. But when your units get to a certain age, they no longer perform like they where designed, to include drawing more energy, and costing more to maintain. So in some cases a new unit would be cheaping in the long run then taking the risk of pushing an older unit.

Below are some thumbnail views of the range of work done. Click on the image to make it larger.

Everglades National Park

Venergy was selected to take on the task of running 700' of underground electrical utilities from a service transformer to a newly built camp site shower house. Three 700 mcm alumium conductors and a 3/0 copper ground conductor where ran through 4" PVC schedule 40 conduit, and connected with insulated multitap connectors, with 3M detectable buried tape. A new 400 amp service panel was installed replacing the previous aged 200 amp service disconnect.