Venergy helps its customers and clients in the Electrical field by testing, fitting and repairing wiring and circuits, and the installation of new electrical infractures based on project scopes. Venergy also ensures that wires and circuits are safe and up to code, repairing faults where they are found. We also provide other services directly connected to the electrical field such as utility audits, LED retrofiting, and renewable energy solutions to name a few.


Below are some thumbnail views of the range of work done. Click on the image to make it larger.


Lake Nona VA Medical Center

Venergy Group was selected by the Department of Veterans Affairs to restore the Domiciliary at the Lake Nona VA Medical Center in Orlando, FL after it sustained considerable damage from a fire.  Scope of work included the repair of drywall, ceiling tile, flooring, cabinets, appliances, interior lighting fixtures and electrical receptacles.  In addition to the flooring on all four floors, Venergy also remediated smoke damage to walls by cleaning and repainting.  All furniture affected by the fire and subsequent flooding from the fire alarm sprinkler system was replaced along with all applian