What We Do

General Construction

Venergy works directly with the client to provide material, labor, equipment, and services necessary for the project. From start to finish a number of steps are taken, based on the stage of construction, to insure the highest level of attention to detail, customer service, safety, and mission completeness are achieved. Venergy has been involved in a wide range of general construction applications from tile work, gas collection installation, fire restoration,

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Venergy helps its customers and clients in the Electrical field by testing, fitting and repairing wiring and circuits, and the installation of new electrical infractures based on project scopes. Venergy also ensures that wires and circuits are safe and up to code, repairing faults where they are found. We also provide other services directly connected to the electrical field such as utility audits, LED retrofiting, and renewable energy solutions to name a few.


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Venergy is involved in the maintenance of mechanical units, demolition of old/phased out units, and installation of new energy efficient units. Maintenance is a key factor, Venergy believes in, to keep your mechanical units running at optimum rating and life of your units. When your units get to a certain age, they no longer perform like they were designed to. They draw more energy and cost more to maintain. In some cases, a new unit would be cheaper in the long run then taking the risk of pushing an older unit.

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Facility Maintenance

Venergy performs comprehensive electrical maintenance, plumbing maintenance, painting, carpentry, masonry work, as well as building maintenance tasks. Some samples would include determining functional systems/malfunctions, making notes of needed repairs, replacement/repair of fixtures, switches, outlets, fluorescent bulb and tubes, ballasts, sockets, fuses, running new lines, trenching and laying new lines, as well as a number of other needed maintenances as need/requested. One of the most important factors of a successful business is strategic facilities maintenance. A solid maintenance strategy keeps the quality and appearance of facilities intact, and communicates value to customers, tenants and business partners.

Design - Build

Venergy provides comprehensive, turn-key energy savings solutions through the utilization of over 100 years’ combined experience. Our staff is comprised of engineers, architects, professional mechanics and licensed installers capable of designing and implementing a wide array of energy efficiency projects. Our services begin with an initial assessment and consultation of your current energy usage. We then provide ideas and recommendations to reduce your costs and increase your energy efficiency. These recommendations will form the basis for conducting an energy audit to more accurately calculate the savings expectations and Return On Investment (ROI). 

The design aspect may include lighting designs, exoskeleton renovations, solar farm or solar panel projects, design of other renewable alternatives such as wind or geothermal or provisions for new electrical schematics to include additional equipment or systems. The build aspect is the integration or installation of recommended technologies, retrofits or upgrades and includes commissioning or re-commissioning of equipment.  Finally, measurement and verification of performance are conducted to ensure the savings, project goals and client expectations have been met.  We also provide these services separately acting as third party consultants, professional installers or to provide Measurement and Verification (M&V) and analysis.

Water Quality

Our team consists of specialists in legionella prevention and control equipment. We are a dynamic team that has brought legionella and other microbial control in aqueous environments into the 21st century.

Mission, Vision, Philosophy

To be the world leader in responsible water treatment minimising the ecological footprint whilst offering total peace-of-mind solutions that will exceed customer expectations and Federal Mandates (VHA Directive 1061).

Our Mission

To holistically create alternative water treatment systems and solutions that help the prevention of Legionella Disease and Scald Injury from Potable Water Distribution Systems.

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Our Vision

Above all we respect our Earth and the people that live on it. We always strive for the most ecologically and socially responsible solutions. Our products and services are designed with honesty, ethics and integrity in mind and we believe that we are actively addressing some of the most critical problems our planet is facing today.

Our internal processes, standards and procedures always take a holistic approach when looking at the end-to-end aspect of any given situation.

Our Mission

To assist each and every client in meeting and exceeding their energy goals by providing a veteran-based, one-stop shop with turn-key energy solutions executed with Honor, Duty and Integrity.

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