Project Management

Venergy was founded in 2009 as a customer-driven company with capabilities dedicated to Construction, Procurement, and Energy Solutions. Today, Venergy’s Global service lines have expanded to include Design / Build Construction, Managing Facilities,  staff augmentation, and remediation services, proving that we are a versatile contracting company able to accommodate our clients’ needs in nearly any global environment. We pride ourselves on our ability to efficiently work with clients within commercial market sectors and international governments to understand their specific visions for operations.  We develop innovative solutions that not only meet our client’s requirements, but are also catered to local cultures, laws, and wider international conventions.

We continue to succeed by operating with one fundamental business concept: our clients are the beginning and end of our reason to be in business.  To that end, our most valuable deliverable is our promise hire veterans and complete what we start in the safest, most efficient manner with the highest quality possible.  Highly-rated performance evaluations of our current/recent performance, coupled with steady financial growth and stability, hold the promise of future success. Our dedication to coordinating directly with clients, our reliability in austere environments, and our globally competitive rates continue to attract valuable clientele from all over the world.


Venergy Group was selected by the federal government to complete the removal and installation of the roof and all rooftop mechanical equipment at the National Hurricane Center in Miami, FL.  The existing built-up gravel roof was removed completely down to the concrete substrate and a new PVC membrane roof was installed.  Three 60 ton rooftop condensing units were removed from the roof via crane and replaced with new units on engineered, stainless steel curbs.  Evaporator coils, piping and controls were all replaced and recalibrated.  In addition to the roofing and mechanical work, Venergy a