Energy Efficiency Solutions

As energy expert advisors to our clients, Venergy delivers energy savings, enhanced operational efficiencies, and increased occupant comfort. We provide sustainability solutions that deliver energy and maintenance savings, significant infrastructure upgrades and sustainable design strategies for high-performance environments.

We work for federal healthcare facilities, commercial and private clients who want to efficiently reduce their utility consumption to better protect the environment and reallocate the savings to be more profitable.

We have performed detailed energy improvements for well over 50 million square feet of federal facilities and non-government buildings.  Based on our extensive energy efficiency experience, we provide our clients realistic solutions.  The result is lower operating costs, smarter energy use and satisfied occupants. 

Below are some of our core services.


Venergy’s Team designs, builds, and operates ‘Gasification Waste to Energy’ (WTE) power plants and Gasification Waste to High Quality Synthetic Fuel with a special emphasis on gasification of multiple municipal waste streams or mixed fuels.

Venergy analyzes your electrical energy usage and provides energy efficiency, power quality, power management services and more to reduce your costs and protect your investments. As a business owner or government official, your energy concerns are saving money, meeting and exceeding corporate and federal mandates, projecting costs and environmental responsibility. As an expert in the field of electric energy, Venergy will advise, analyze and recommend a variety of options at your disposal to change your electric energy usage and propel you into an energy efficient future.


Our structures provide an attractive low impact renewable power production for the areas of greatest need: meaning  new or expanding urban and suburban areas on existing or their own local grids, or even remote areas with their own new or expanded micro grids.   (I added a picture, this is our installation in GUAM for the U.S. Veteran’s Affairs)


As a consumer it is important to be able to monitor, measure, track and control your electrical building loads. If you can’t measure your consumption how can you manage it? Venergy is an expert in the field of Energy Management Control Systems (EMCS). We will confirm the accuracy of your utility meters allowing elimination of wasted energy and expense. The ability to track this data gives you the numbers to efficiently schedule processes during non-peak usage times and verify effectiveness of implemented energy reduction methods. With this information at your fingertips you now have the power to allocate energy costs to different processes and/or departments, establishing accountability and incentives and make informed business decisions. Venergy will assist you in determining the best supplier for the energy you need by comparing how the rate structures offered by various suppliers create the most savings for you.

Let Venergy develop and establish an integrated power management system, incorporating found efficiencies so you can monitor, control and maximize your investment for the long term.


On average lighting accounts for 22 to 50% of your electricity bill. By changing the way you use light through lighting controls and improving your lighting efficiency through new bulbs, you can reduce your environmental impact and your electric bills today.


Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) are a form of solid-state lighting that are extremely efficient and long-lasting. LEDs are one of the most cost effective ways to save money and reduce energy because they use 50% – 80% less power than traditional bulbs. Many LEDs even have the capability to dim with outstanding color temperature choices and longevity that extends over decades. LEDs maintain excellent light quality and save on the cost of ongoing operation, replacement, and labor. LED lights can reduce energy costs so significantly that the Return On Investment (ROI) or payback period typically falls between 2 and 4 years depending on various factors such as electricity rate charges, percentage of load and time of use.  For instance, properties that operate 24/7, the payback is often less than 18 months!  The benefits of LED lighting include:
  • Increased lighting efficiency resulting in reduced energy consumption
  • Increased lifespan causing reduction in maintenance & replacement costs
  • Lower operating temperature further reducing facility cooling costs
  • Brighter, more natural light with no UV exposure
  • Potential utility rebates & tax incentives
Venergy will provide a no cost lighting survey, an assessment of your current lighting, a cost benefit analysis including tax rebates and incentives and present a bottom line price comparison of available options for your consideration when interested in retrofitting to LED technology.


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are critical to the majority of businesses and represent a large component of many facilities' operating expenses. HVAC accounts for approximately 40% of the electricity consumed in commercial buildings. Improved heating and cooling performance and substantial energy savings can be achieved by implementing energy-efficiency measures. Heating and cooling systems have advanced significantly in design and efficiency. Today's air conditioners use 30-50% less energy to produce the same amount of cooling as air conditioners made in the 1970’s. The replacement of an air conditioner that is only a mere decade old with a newer, more efficient model can save a staggering 20% on your cooling energy costs.
Our energy efficiency team offers simple and savvy ways to improve the efficiency of all your HVAC systems through the incorporation of HVAC control strategies. It is through scheduling and monitoring that you can optimize your building’s efficiency and ensure significant savings throughout the year. Control strategies will properly ensure systems are used only when necessary. Through the precise management of temperature, relative humidity and outdoor air ventilation rates, control solutions are designed to help you understand, manage, and take control of your energy and maintenance costs. These strategies can be specified on newer HVAC systems as well as retrofitted and older HVAC systems. Venergy offers networked systems and web and smart phone remote access/management.
Venergy’s energy efficiency team offers a complete range of HVAC solutions for business, institutions and the federal government. Our team will assess your buildings current HVAC needs, and with your goals in mind, forecast future demands on your system. Based on the current and future heating and cooling requirements of your building, Venergy will create a flexible system that operates in an energy efficient and cost-effective manner. Let our energy efficiency team tailor our services to meet your facility's individual HVAC needs.


(click to download DLC info)

The patented Demand Limiting Controller (DLC) from Save Energy Systems, Inc. is an intelligent networked system that automatically manages HVAC energy including demand, kWh use and overall HVAC load during peak hours for industrial, commercial and retail facilities. By leveraging discrete zone data with weather forecasts, the DLC ensures optimal building conditions with managed HVAC operation. The DLC has been proven to reduce electric bills by preventing all HVAC units from running simultaneously and expanding the comfort zone of your facility.

The DLC is a patented system comprised of a central controller and customize thermostats networked together to act as a complete energy management system. For each HVAC unit to be controlled by the DLC, the current thermostat is replaced by an SES thermostat. The central controller regularly reads the temperature from each thermostat on the building’s network, stores it in a database and compares it to user defined settings. Save Energy Systems, Inc. has created multiple algorithms to address the key components of the electric bill: demand, use and peak rate charges.
Demand charges, billed by recording the highest amount of electricity used during a billing period, are controlled by not allowing all of the HVAC units to operate simultaneously. By doing this, the peak amount of electricity used by the HVAC units is reduced, directly reducing the demand portion of the electric bill. Use charges, kilowatt hours used during the billing period, are reduced by initially turning the fans on when the outside temperature is 55°F or less. Fans use significantly less power than compressors, so if the facility can be cooled using outside air, rather than turning the air conditioning compressor on, power consumption is minimized and use charges are reduced. If the outside air and fan combination cannot cool the temperature zone, the compressors are turned on. Peak rate charges, higher cost electricity consumed during peak rate hours, are charges are controlled by cooling zones to a slightly lower temperature prior to peak rate times and allowing the temperature to drift up to a slightly higher set point during peak rate periods (expanding the comfort zone). The browser based interface is compatible with most commercially available browsers and can be viewed on a monitor, tablet or smartphone. HVAC control for commercial buildings is now available anywhere, anytime. Contact Venergy today to learn more about the DLC!
*Venergy is the sole distributor of the patented DLC for the DOD, DOE, DHS, DVA, GSA..


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“Opti-Run” Fan Control – Produces average fan energy savings of approximately 70%, while operating the unit within the manufacturer’s rated design parameters. The CATALYST monitors key system variables and adjusts the fan speed as needed to ensure proper equipment operation. These combined capabilities go beyond the abilities of a typical variable frequency drive (VFD) installation.

Integrated Economizer – Controls the economizer to allow for the simultaneous use of mechanical cooling and “free” outside air to satisfy a space. Most economizers operate on an “either/or” basis, leaving considerable energy savings unrealized.

Advanced Economizer Logic – The CATALYST is an Advanced Digital Economizer that is coupled with fan speed control to maximize the use of outside air for free cooling beyond traditional economizer control.  It introduces the ability to sense and compare outside air and return air based on dry bulb temperature or dew point depending upon the climate. New patent-pending techniques proactively cool the interior commercial space before there is an actual call for cooling provides even greater savings.

Demand Control Ventilation – Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) uses a self-calibrating CO2 sensor to reduce excessive ventilation commonly found on commercial spaces. The CATALYST establishes occupancy levels and matches the amount of ventilation air delivered to the true needs of the space. This eliminates the cost required to heat and cool excess outside air. This strategy is documented in ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62. The CATALYST goes beyond typical DCV control with an improved sequence that produces additional savings. 

Demand Charge Reduction - The CATALYST contains features to reduce demand charges, which are punitive fees based on the rate of energy use. Demand charges can account for 10-20% of a commercial building’s total energy bill. The CATALYST reduces demand charges by decreasing the maximum consumption of each HVAC unit. It can also be used to limit demand by managing compressor use on multiple units. By balancing comfort and simultaneous energy use, operators can confidently participate in utility Automated Demand Response programs, which often include additional financial incentives and lower overall energy rate structures.


(click to download MPTS info)

Power Factor Correction (PFC) is the process of optimizing the electrical load or “demand” of a facility while also creating increased efficiency within the electrical system. When applied PFC can reduce demand charges and eliminate power factor penalties. The  technology used  in our (MPTS)  -  Maximum  Power  Transfer  Solution  device  is based on patented dynamic impedance matching, synchronous processing through proprietary  advanced  power  switching,  dynamic,  accurate  and  precise  correction using  patented   multi-tasking algorithms  to  optimize  each  phasindependently to attain maximum efficiencyWhen connected to electrical AC inductive and other balanced or  unbalanced  phase  loads,  our  device  dynamically  matches the source  and load intendances resulting in  reduced  total electrical power consumption and significant electrical efficiency improvement. The MPTS also uses harmonic filters to mitigate excessive harmonics. 
Subject: Re: Transpower vs. Capacitor Banks
  • MPTS - decreases the losses in electrical networks
    • Capacitors adds capacitance into the network
  • MPTS - is not a parasitic load on the network. It does not consume Amps.
    • Capacitors are a parasitical load on the electrical network. It consumes Amp
  • MPTS - deals with KVAr real time as it occurs.
    • Capacitors have fixed values to deal with KVAr.
  • MPTS - requires very little maintenance.
    • Capacitors require service and maintenance
  • MPTS - is an electronic solution.
    • Capacitors is an in line electrical solution.
  • MPTS - removes or minimizes harmonics in electrical networks.
    • Capacitors add harmonics in electrical networks
MPTS - deals with real time values of RLC loses in the electrical network and the PF will never get into leading values. 
MPTS is self-programming and automatic.  These don't require any specialized service and maintenance.









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SUPER THERM® is a ceramic based, water-borne, insulating roof coating designed to reflect heat and reduce energy costs. it is an externally applied ceramic coating product, designed to prevent solar heat from loading on all external surfaces (Buildings, Vehicles, Storage Tanks, etc.). The only ceramic coating on the market developed with the assistance of NASA, SUPER THERM® is the most effective and longest lasting ceramic roof coating on the market. The insulating ceramic coating reflects heat away and blocks all three heat transfers with proven significant reduction in cooling costs. Increases comfort and productivity. When Super Therm® is applied to an external surface it will always be, and feel, cool to the human touch, because of two reasons:  1) Ability to block  95% (99.5% of infrared heat, 92% of visual light, and 99% of ultraviolet)  light of the total solar heat attempting to load on an external surface; 2) The specific ceramics used in its formulation cannot physically hold solar heat, as a result of a lack of density.
                         BEFORE                                                                                                                                                       AFTER

              Tucson International Airport                                 374,804 sq. ft. of Roofing                                  22% Energy Savings (HVAC)                       

Rust Grip® is a patented, one-part polyurethane coating that combines with atmospheric moisture to cure. Upon curing, Rust Grip® provides a protective coating of superior adhesion, flexibility and abrasion / impact resistance. It is resistant to chemical solvents and acid splash. Originally designed for remedy and prevention of corrosion on metal surfaces, Rust Grip® demonstrates excellent adhesion also to wood, concrete, fiberglass and many other substrates. Rust Grip® is designed for the encapsulation of and adherence to tightly bonded surfaces of corrosion, lead based and other toxic paints and materials. Rust Grip® is not a sacrificial rust inhibitor such as a zinc enriched primer that will wear out over time, but in fact, it is a permanent rust proofing solution and  a certified and approved encapsulator of biohazard materials (ASTM E1795) .  
ENAMO GRIP® is a two-part aliphatic polyurethane enamel available in clear and colors. It forms a uniquely hard and durable coating film, which demonstrates unsurpassed semi-gloss and color retention, as w ll as chalk resistance when used in exterior applications. It is resistant to water and humidity, stains, acids, solvents, and chemicals, as well as having tremendous scuff, mar and impact resistance. ENAMO GRIP will self-level to an even and smooth finish. Used as a topcoat for Rust grip and Moist Metal Grip, and for architectural and maintenance solutions that require the utmost in exterior durability. 


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