Energy Saving/HVAC/Lighting

Retrofit over 7000+ LED bulbs of various types and sizes for six buildings and parking lots totalling over 180,000+ sq/ft of space(excludes parking space size), replacing 47 tons of cooling capacity with new units with better energy efficiency for two building totalling over 29,000+ sq/ft of space, the installation of commercial grade UV lighting for 22 HVAC units, and energy saving smart thermostats for 22 HVAC units that cover 49,000+ sq/ft of space.

Scope of work includes three locations comprising multiple senior citizens assisted living buildings (5 buildings) and a 50,000 sq ft senior recreation center.


Reduce energy consumption and/or energy costs, including demand side management projects.
Equipment Life Cycle - Increased life cycle and reliability of equipment.
Sustainability - Increased utilization of green/sustainable energy resources
No City Capital Outlay - 100% of required funding to be provided.
Incentives - Utilization of federal, state or utility provided incentives and/or credits ECMS that are to be implemented include, LED Lighting retrofits with inclusion of sensors in interior, exteriors and all parking areas, HVAC retrofit and /or replacements, HVAC demand limiting controls to be installed, and power quality patented technology upgrades to eliminate demand charges and improve power factor (MPTS)

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