Osan Air Force Base, South Korea

Venergy redesigned and repaired Energy Management  Control Systems (EMCS) (i.e. Advanced Metering) for 135 buildings ranging from 1,920sq ft. to  287,920sq ft. Redesign and expanded Wifi communications backbone, installation of water and electric meter infrastructure. Integration of all metering and control systems into SCADA   software using both Wonderware and LonWorks including, air quality controls systems, HVAC,  Street lighting, Diesel fuel, back up generators electrical and water meters. Main data central  operations system relocation and back-up data central operations system.Test, commission,  and train personnel.

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135 Buildings
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Project Type: 
and Expand EMCS

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Gas Collection, Davie FL

Venergy Group was awarded with the contract for the installation of the methane collection and venting system at the greystar Davie II Apartment Complex. Over time, methane gas can build up under buildings causing a big problem if it came into contact with a spark or flame. Venergy installed a system to collect and vent off this gas so it doesnt become an issue. To accomplish this, the following work was done: installation of 4 in. diameter HDPE perforated pipe, cutting trench of approximately 4 in. width by 4 ft depth at trench locations.