Gas Collection, Davie FL

Venergy Group was awarded with the contract for the installation of the methane collection and venting system at the greystar Davie II Apartment Complex. Over time, methane gas can build up under buildings causing a big problem if it came into contact with a spark or flame. Venergy installed a system to collect and vent off this gas so it doesnt become an issue. To accomplish this, the following work was done: installation of 4 in. diameter HDPE perforated pipe, cutting trench of approximately 4 in. width by 4 ft depth at trench locations. The installation of 4 oz/yd2 geotextile separator, which would be cut into strips that are 3.125 ft wide (4 strips per 12.5 ft wide role). The 4 oz/yd2 geotextile strips will be placed in the trenches, centered on the trench, and the 4 in. Diameter HDPE Perforated Pipe will be placed on top of the geotextile separators. The placement of geocomposite drainage layer over entire bottom area of buildings. Geonet connected every 6 ft with plastic ties, and geotextile underlay overlapped. Installation of 20 mil PVC geomembrane directly above the geocomposite drainage dayer, followed by the excavation of soil to place geocomposite drainage layer, PVC collector pipes, and PVC header pipes.

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