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Miami Roofing/HVAC - Venergy Group was selected by the federal government to complete the removal and installation of the roof and all rooftop mechanical equipment at the National Hurricane Center in Miami, FL.  The existing built-up gravel roof was removed completely down to the concrete substrate and a new PVC membrane roof was installed.  Three 60 ton rooftop condensing units were removed from the roof via crane and replaced with new units on engineered, stainless steel curbs.  Evaporator coils, piping and controls were all replaced and recalibrated.  In addition to the roofing and mechanical work, Venergy also renovated all existing electrical conduits and cabling on the rooftop, installing new raised, rigid galvanized conduits and providing additional weatherproofing measures to pre-existing antennas and satellites on the rooftop.  Lightning protection system was replaced along with all edge metal and coping.  Parapet walls were resurfaced and waterproofed.

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