Venergy and Wounded Warrior Project


         The Society of American Military Engineers    

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February 19, 2013

  Wounded Warrior Project
  4899 Belfort Road, Suite 300
  Jacksonville FL, 32256


Dear Sir or Madam:

Today, Mr. Frank Velasco of the U.S. Small Business Administration, Mr. James Price of James A. Price Enterprises, LLC, Mrs. Devrie Weliver of Pointer Construction Group, Ms. Patricia Bonilla of Lunacon Construction Group, Mr. Alex Hernandez of Hernandez Consulting Group, and Mr. Corey Clive of Venergy Group spoke at the Society of American Military Engineers South Florida Post meeting imparting knowledge and information to the Post about the Small Business world in the Federal Marketplace.

Our membership received important information contained within their briefings and discussions and appreciates their time and effort to meet with us.  In their honor, please accept the enclosed check from our Post for use in the continuing efforts of the Wounded Warrior Project.


Benjamin L. Davis, PE, PMP

South Florida Post President

Army Corps of Engineers

Army Corps of Engineers - Venergy supplied numerous specialty custom Lighting Fixtures and Bulbs for the United States Army Corps of Engineers' Lake Washington Ship Canal replacement lighting project. These fixtures were selected to replicate the original historic look.  

Army Corps of Engineers- Sacramento Division - Venergy supplied an LED Lighting Retrofit and Installation at Lake Kaweah and Pine Flat