At Venergy we are passionate about assisting our clients in going green.  Our financing platforms are designed to pay for your energy projects through the savings of reduced energy.  We have developed turn-key financing solutions with the ability to initiate projects in a matter of days verses months or even years. 

Venergy has several business models to assist in implementing your energy projects with little to no up-front cost.  At Venergy we assist our clients by providing off-balance sheet financing and assume the risk by entering into either guaranteed savings, shared savings or equipment leasing arrangements.  

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VA CFA Medical Center, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

This turnkey contract for the project awarded to Venergy demonstrates the team’s design, engineering, construction and O&M experience relating to the installation of Solar PV systems in tropical island environments and hurricane winds, as well as, on federal VA facilities. The solar system required a 480V net metered interconnection with the interconnection agreement with Hawaii Electric Co.