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Our Government Clients:

United States Coast Guard

USCG Base Petaluma, CA -  Venergy provided and installed over 450 Advanced  Meters for water, gas and electric as well as Energy Management Control System (EMCS) for  20 commercial buildings and 127 residential units at United States Coast Guard (USCG) Petaluma, CA. Provided project management, engineering, labor, materials  and equipment to  design, install, test and place into service an advanced electric metering EMCS backbone.  Additionally, Venergy furnished Web Hosting services   for the USCG   to  access the meter data for a year following installation to allow real-time access of the data.  All of the  system designs complied with the Department of Defense’s security and electrical/IT configuration guidelines and regulations. 
Project Type:  Installation of Metering System
Total Project Size:  450 Advanced Meters
Project Cost:  $1,324,845
Date of Services: 2011
USCG Sector New England, ME - Venergy delivered 98 various LED lighting products to the USCG Sector Northern New England in South Portland, ME 

National Guard

Texas Army National Guard Camp Swift -  Venergy procured, designed, project  managed, site-supervised, installed and commissioned a solar array in order to provide off-  grid lighting to a canopy for the Texas Army National Guard at Camp Swift Training Site
Project Type:  Canopy Solar PV Lighting
Total Project Size:  .510 kW
Date of Services: 2014
  •Solar Module:  2 Astronergy 255 watt Module Silver MC4 CHSM6610P-255 - 40mm Frame
  •Batteries:  WSS Battery Bank UPG 400aH @ 12VDC 4,800 watt hours (4) 6V Batteries
  •Controller:  Outback FlexMax FM60, 60 amp, Charge Controller
  •Lights:  2 50W Flood Light  12V DC LED 
Connecticut Air National Guard - Venergy furnished all project management,  engineering, labor, materials and equipment to design, install, test and commission an  Advanced Metering System for the Bradley Air National Guard (ANG) in Orange, CT - Air  Control Squadron  to make their existing system 100% compliant with their  current CTANG DDC System.  System components included radio communication via  wireless IP Radio Network, metering and tying into the EMCS system.
Michigan Air National Guard - Venergy provided 165 High Bay Induction Lights and Light Cords with Caps to the Selfridge Air National Guard Base in Michigan.
Texas Army National Guard Camp Mabry - Venergy provided and installed Power  Factor Correction and Voltage Control Guard (VCG) units which will assist the Texas National  Guard to meet their energy reduction goals/mandates. During the measurement and  verification  process of the VCG the Texas Army National Guard realized an 18% reduction in  kW h at the sub-panels where the VCG was connected.  This resulted in  less than an 18  month Return On Investment (ROI). The PFC Unit  completely eliminated  the demand charge  which resulted in $700 per month savings capturing less then an 18 month ROI.  
Project Type: Power Quality Improvement  
Total Project: 5 VCG's & 1 PFC
Date Awarded: 07/12/2013 
U.S. Virgin Islands Army  National Guard  - Preliminary assessment of buildings  within  contract in order to develop ECMs for the Investment Grade Audit. Together with SAIC’s   guidance, Venergy will provide Project Management of all ECMs; Advanced metering design,  install  and  commissioning; Energy Management Control System design, install and  commissioning.  HVAC design, installation, commissioning and maintenance; Solar design,  install and commissioning; lighting design and installation; building envelope upgrades;    Operations &  Maintenance throughout ESPC contract life cycle and Measurement and  Verification assistance.
Project Type: Energy Savings Performance Contract
Total Project Size:  15 Buildings 220,000 sq. ft.
Project Cost:  $9,500,000 (current and ongoing)
Date of Services: Current


U.S. Air Force

Osan Air Force Base, South Korea

Venergy redesigned and repaired Energy Management  Control Systems (EMCS) (i.e. Advanced Metering) for 135 buildings ranging from 1,920sq ft. to  287,920sq ft. Redesign and expanded Wifi communications backbone, installation of water and electric meter infrastructure. Integration of all metering and control systems into SCADA   software using both Wonderware and LonWorks including, air quality controls systems, HVAC,  Street lighting, Diesel fuel, back up generators electrical and water meters. Main data central  operations system relocation and back-up data central operations system.Test, commission,  and train personnel.

Project Type:  Redesign, Repair, and Expand EMCS
Total Project Size:  135 Buildings
Project Cost:  $621,000
Date of Services: 2012-2013 

U.S. Air Force Davis-Monthan AFB Tucson, AZ

Venergy furnished all engineering, design, and placed into service an advanced electrical metering system with future capabilities to add water, natural gas, and steam metering system with future control points to monitor lighting and HVAC. The equipment provided includes: AcquiSuite Data Acquisition Server (DAS); Modhopper wireless 900 MHz encrypted secure transceivers by Obvius to transmit the data; Veris E50C2 power quality meters (Modbus/Bacnet); Custom built Dell energy management computer.

Project Type:  Design/Build/Install Metering System
Total Project Size:  14 Buildings Advanced Meters
Project Cost:  $57,000
Date of services: 2014


City of Pembroke Pines, FL 

Energy Savings Guarantee Project Phase One – Scope of work includes three locations
comprising multiple senior citizens assisted living buildings (5 buildings) and a 50,000 sq ft senior recreation center.  Guaranteed Cost Reduction: 
1. Reduce energy consumption and/or energy costs, including demand side management projects.
2. Equipment Life Cycle- Increased life cycle and reliability of equipment.
3. Sustainability – Increased utilization of green/sustainable energy resources
4. No City Capital Outlay - 100% of required funding to be provided.
5. Incentives - Utilization of federal, state or utility- provided incentives and/or credits

ECMS that are to be implemented include, LED Lighting retrofits with inclusion of sensors in interior, exteriors and all parking areas, HVAC retrofit and /or replacements, HVAC demand limiting controls to be installed, and power quality patented technology upgrades to eliminate demand charges and improve power factor (MPTS).

Project Type: ESPC Project Size: Five residential buildings (5 stories each) and one 50,000sq ft recreational center
Project Phase: Phase one of eighteen.
Date of Servce: Current ongoing
Project Cost: $500,000.00 for Phase I

Department of Veteran Affairs

VA Medical Centers VISN 17, TX 

Venergy performed as sub-contractor and  assisted Alares, LLC (SDVOSB) in conducting Level II ASHRAE Audits for Department of  Veteran Affairs  buildings
Project Type: Level 2 ASHRAE Energy Audits
Project Size: 6 Facilities +/- 5,000,000 sq. ft.
Date of Service: 2013-2014

VA Medical Center, Lake Nona, FL 

Venergy was contracted by the VA Medical Center at Lake Nona, FL to improve foot candle lighting by adding lights to the first floor kitchen and an Ansul Fire Protection System to the fourth floor Kitchen and Living Room at the Domiciliary in order to comply with NFPA and Food Service Codes. Venergy furnished all labor, materials, and equipment necessary and provided added lighting to the first floor kitchen and an Ansul Fire Protection System to the 4th Floor Kitchen.
Upon receipt of this task order, Venergy completed the project in 4 business days in compliance with the statement of work.
Project Type:  Lighting Re-Design and Installation of Fire Service
Project Size:  11 Fixtures & Ansul System
Project Cost:  $24,898
Date of Services:  September 2014 

VA Medical Center, Agana Heights, Guam

Venergy was selected to provide this project due to its experience in solar (PV) design and implementation along with experience domestically and abroad. Venergy has been awarded as EPC to design a turnkey Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System Installation at the VA Medical Center (VAMC) at the Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) Building located at 498 Chalan PalaV) Design, Engineering, Permitting, Project Management, Construction Management, Installation and Commissioning of the solar array.  

Project Type:  Solar (PV) Car Canopy
Project Size:  100 kW System
Project Cost:  $903,284.68
Date of Services:  Current on going


Department Of Commerce

Miami Roofing/HVAC - Venergy Group was selected by the federal government to complete the removal and installation of the roof and all rooftop mechanical equipment at the National Hurricane Center in Miami, FL.  The existing built-up gravel roof was removed completely down to the concrete substrate and a new PVC membrane roof was installed.  Three 60 ton rooftop condensing units were removed from the roof via crane and replaced with new units on engineered, stainless steel curbs.  Evaporator coils, piping and controls were all replaced and recalibrated.  In addition to the roofing and mechanical work, Venergy also renovated all existing electrical conduits and cabling on the rooftop, installing new raised, rigid galvanized conduits and providing additional weatherproofing measures to pre-existing antennas and satellites on the rooftop.  Lightning protection system was replaced along with all edge metal and coping.  Parapet walls were resurfaced and waterproofed. 



Project Type:  Roofing 
Project Cost:  $1,136,326.00
Date of Services:  June 2016

Army Corps of Engineers

Army Corps of Engineers - Venergy supplied numerous specialty custom Lighting Fixtures and Bulbs for the United States Army Corps of Engineers' Lake Washington Ship Canal replacement lighting project. These fixtures were selected to replicate the original historic look.  

Army Corps of Engineers- Sacramento Division - Venergy supplied an LED Lighting Retrofit and Installation at Lake Kaweah and Pine Flat

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Venergy supplied 550 Dell computer batteries

Arkansas Building Authority

Venergy provided Advanced Metering & Power Factor Correction for Public Service Commission and Advanced Metering Survey for Natural Resources Lab & Crime Lab

St. Lucie County Mosquito Control & Coastal Management Services

Venergy installed Power Factor Correction (kVAR) units on 14 pumps and is contracted to install 49 additional units 

Martin County School Board

Venergy provided the Installation of Advanced Metering on Jenson Beach High School in Jensen Beach, FL


Our Commercial Clients:

Heartland Retail Construction, Inc.

New, free standing construction of Harbor Freight tools store in Jensen Beach, FL 
Scope:  Furnish labor, materials, tools, equipment, permits, supervision and insurance as required to complete all HVAC work per plans, specifications, local codes and requirements. Includes permits and approval from all agencies having jurisdiction, provide all required air distribution ductwork, transfer ducts, insulation, diffusers and grilles, any and all coring, cutting, flashing & firestop sealing of any HVAC penetrations, includes all required supports or stands for HVAC equipment and materials, includes certified test and balance report which must be submitted on or before punch and prior to request for final payment along with warranty and operation manuals. Subcontractor must be available day of punch. All work to be coordinated to perform to Heartland's schedule.
4956 Memco Ln, Suite A  
Racine, WI 53404 
Contact: Bryan Behringer   262-681-8200  
HVAC Subcontract # 14-1268-008 Job # 14-1268 
Job Location - Harbor Freight, 4500 NW Federal Hwy, Jenson Beach, FL 34957 
Competion Date – current
Price - $57,500 
Superintendent – Chuck Bender 936-933-8044 and Russell Jobe 512-963-8714 

Jersey Mike's corporate restaurant

Started in 1956, Jersey Mike’s now has 1,300 restaurants open and under development nationwide.  In just three years, the company has nearly doubled in size. 

Venergy Group will provide labor and materials under the scope of work for a new location in Boynton Beach, FL  
Scope of Work:
  • Furnish all permits and inspections
  • Furnish and install one 6-ton carrier package unit and one 3-ton carrier split system condenser in addition to Airhandler.
  • Furnish and install all supply and return ductwork per plans
  • Furnish and install all supply return and return grilles per plans
  • Modify existing ductwork on 2 existing 3.5-ton air handling units
  • Furnish and install bathroom exhaust fans per plans
  • Furnish and install thermostats per plans
  • Install owner provided kitchen hood and heat hood exhaust and make up air fans per plans
  • Furnish test and balance reports per plans
  • Furnish and install duct detectors with remote key stations per plans
  • Furnish and install low voltage wiring for control and universal shut down per code
  • Furnish and install numbering for RTU per plans
  • Furnish and install condensate drains and refrigerant line sets
  • Insulate refrigerant and condensate lines 
Location: 1780 Congress Ave. Boynton Beach, FL 33426
Completion Date: 8/8/2014
Price: $35,000


Miller Brewing Company

Venergy provided a Voltage Control Guard (VCG) for use at Miller Brewing Company. Miller experienced a 19% reduction on their first electricity bill after the installation of Venergy's patented product, the VCG.



Venergy performed a detailed lighting and electrical power quality audit for Heinz, located in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Comprehensive findings were prepared and presented for future use in implementation of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs).


Hyatt Regency, Johannesburg, South Africa

Venergy performed a Preliminary Energy Use Analysis, Level I Walk-Through Analysis and a Level II – Energy Survey & Analysis for the Hyatt hotel. The Hyatt is situated in the cosmopolitan suburb of Rosebank, a modern district north of Johannesburg, South Africa. This energy audit was for future use in obtaining LEED certification.

United Parcel Service (UPS)

Venergy completed a Power Quality Analysis/ Energy Audit for the UPS facility in New Orleans, LA. Venergy identified and analyzed energy usage for recommendations of energy saving opportunities. Venergy provided a complete report and presentation of findings to UPS management and stakeholders. 

Uno's Manufacturing Plant

Venergy installed an AutoTune (Power Factor Correction) device at the main switchgear of the manufacturing plant with sensors and an advanced meter that was then connected to the current Industrial Control System (ICS). Venergy identified and initiated this plant energy reduction project and then designed, installed, and commissioned the project. Following staff training and implementation, this new energy project reduced energy consumption by 6% and eliminated a power factor penalty of 3%. Overall payback for the customer was under 12 months.



Sampling of Our Savings:

United States Coast Guard, Petaluma, CA - Experienced 6.5% reduction in kW upon installation of the Voltage Control Guard
Arkansas Building Authority - Experienced a 19% reduction in overall kW upon the installation of Power Factor Correction and realized a 22% reduction in kVa


Our Mission

To assist each and every client in meeting and exceeding their energy goals by providing a veteran-based, one-stop shop with turn-key energy solutions executed with Honor, Duty and Integrity.

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Venergy Group was selected by the federal government to complete the removal and installation of the roof and all rooftop mechanical equipment at the National Hurricane Center in Miami, FL.  The existing built-up gravel roof was removed completely down to the concrete substrate and a new PVC membrane roof was installed.  Three 60 ton rooftop condensing units were removed from the roof via crane and replaced with new units on engineered, stainless steel curbs.  Evaporator coils, piping and controls were all replaced and recalibrated.  In addition to the roofing and mechanical work, Venergy a